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Maintenance Services

Maintaining a website / Software is as important as creating one, not every company updates your website/Software even months after completion of your website. BIZOX recognize and understand that how importance it is to maintain website so to stay ahead of your competitors.

We offer website/Software maintenance services that mean our clients can request updates to their website at any time. This may include simple text changes, design or adding additional complex functionality or tools to their websites/Software.

Website/Software maintenance can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually to make changes to your website. This depends on the sort of website/Software you have and how often and how many changes you want to make.

Software/Website maintenance services

  • Keeping your blog updated with fresh content.
  • Making website/Software improvements.
  • Enhancing your website's/Software design.
  • Functionality troubleshooting (Something broken? We can fix it).
  • Adding new functionality.
  • Maintaining your latest news or events calendar.
  • Upgrading your CMS or plugins.
  • Reworking outdated components.
  • Adding new pages or sections to your website/Software.